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    5 ft. 9 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Yes, over 18


I am Romantic, Outgoing and Warm hearted. my outlook on life is Ambitious, Independent and Optimistic and my goals are Family, Career and Fun.I like to hang out with Professionals, Creative people or Intellectuals and I enjoy eating Italian, BBQ and Sea food. I prefers listening to Country, Blues and Gospel music. My main hobbies include Writing, Cooking and Traveling and my favorite sports are Golf, Soccer and Jogging. I am enjoying everyday of my life because we ain't coming back.....looking to continue the enjoying part of my life with a positive outlook. Taking care of myself is very important. I run 10 miles per week and go to a torture chamber called bootcamp to stay in shape and to eat healthy...I work hard and figure out a way to take vacation often to stay refreshed and to avoid a routine lifestyle. I feel better with myself right now than I ever have in my entire life. I like to learn and explore new adventures.....I enjoy cooking so please taste at your own risk if I end up cooking for decided to give this website a shot because new adventures are part of my life. .

What I am looking for

A fun loving, humorous, intelligent, somewhat attractive, confident, low drama, self sufficient and passionate woman that is comfortable in her own skin and enjoys experiencing life with someone she cares about. A partner that can participate in being each others champion and is affectionate and caring. Someone to hold hands with forever. She should enjoy being around children.